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RHRU is a WHO collaborating centre
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Message from the Executive Director
About RHRU
Who we are
Organisational Structure
What we do
Our Vision & Mission
Our Objectives
Partnerships & Collaborators
RHRU Course Information
Annual Research Methods Course
Programmes (40)
HIV Management (12)
Counselling Improvement Programme
Inner City Clinical Support Team
Maternal Health & HIV Project (MHHIV)
HIV Management Cluster Research Projects
HIV Training
Essellen Street Clinic Best Practice Project
Mobile Clinic Support Team (MCST)
Primary Health Care Project
Women At Risk
Young SA women's increased risk of HIV
STIs & HIV Research (17)
Infection Cohort Study
DfiD Research Programme Consortium
Microbicide Delivery Method
Acute HIV infection identification
Contraceptive Research Planning Survey
Acyclovir Trial
Placebo Control PRO Gel HPV
Placebo Control PRO Gel HIV
Thuthuka Programme
Diaphragm Acidform Gel KY Jelly
Evaluation of quadrivalent HPV vaccine
IPM Microbicide Feasibility Study
STI_HIV Research Adherence
STI_HIV Research HSV2 Shedding
STI_HIV Research Gates PIP
Focus on Men: Mphilonhle-Mpilonde
Barrier Methods & Contraception (7)
Effects of Hormonal Contraceptives on Bone Density
Emergency Contraceptives in Pharmacies
Female Condom Use among South African students
Female Condom Comparative Evaluation
Perceptions of External Drying Agents
Female condom Trial KZN
The WHO Decision-Making Tool
Maternal Health (2)
Gender-based Violence Prevention in KZN
Values Clarification for Health Care Workers (KZN)
National Office Projects (2)
Research Methods Course
Hillbrow Health Precinct
RHRU Visiting Scholars Programme
News & Announcements
Community Care Centre Launch
Specialist Courses & Conferences
Doctor & Nurse vacancies - HIV Fast Track Program
Doctors vacancies- Clinical Support Team
General Vacancies (1)
CSS - Senior Administrator
CSS - Head Receptionist
CSS - Procurement Co-ordinator
Technical Project Coordinator
Security Shift Supervisors
Project Coordinator - Facilities
Inner City HIV/AIDS Project
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