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Hillbrow Health Precinct Development: Project Brief Oct 2006

Project Focus
HIV Management, Treatment & Care, Integrated NGO community services, Capacity Building Training and Development of AIDS Service Organisations, Community Based Organisations and Non-governmental Organisations.

Project Location
Hillbrow, Johannesburg

Project Partners
City of Johannesburg (CoJ), Gauteng Provincial Department of Health (DoH), Wits University (Wits) and Reproductive Health & HIV Research Unit (RHRU)

Project Donors (& funding and resource support)
Kelvin Power, Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA), Pepfar and a range of funding support through several RHRU supported projects

Contact Details

Maxine McCalla-Kay, Communications & Development Director
Lauren Jankelowitz, Community Engagement Development Specialist

Project Aim/ Objectives
The inner city Health Precinct is an innovative project that uses the precinct model of urban regeneration to comprehensively respond to the HIV and AIDS epidemic. The HHP aims to establish an HIV-themed urban regeneration project on the site of the old Hillbrow Hospital. This will include strengthening existing primary care services for all aspects of HIV, establishment of new and novel HIV prevention and treatment services, and the facilitation of non-governmental, academic and private organisations in support roles co-ordinated by an integrated governance system.

Project Activities
Service driven activities:
  • To provide a one-stop wellness centre for people living with HIV andAIDS, catering to all one’s psycho-social, socio-economic and wellness needs. The aim is for this service to assist people living with HIV/AIDS to access the information, services and resources to help them live more 'positively'
  • To fully integrate the RHRU HIV Training programme into the HHP project activities in the Hugh Solomon Building (see project brief for HIV Training)
  • To offer access to technology and online learning, both to the community of Hillbrow, and to the lay civil society sector
  • To develop a unique NGO partnership within which to meet all these wellness needs
  • To develop the civil society sector within the inner city, by initiating development, training, capacity building, systems development and referral systems for HIV and AIDS related CBOs and NGOs
Developmental driven activities:
  •  Series of workshops to identify the long-term future plans of the HHP
  • Revision of the 2004 business plan
  • Development of a marketing, fundraising and sustainability plan
  • Identify and contact a range of private sector stakeholders to present the HHP and seek committed engagement
  • Identify and contact a range of funding sources to see funding support to the HHP objectives
  • Liaise with all relevant Provincial Government and Public Sector partners to secure all documentation required for the release of HHP buildings on the HHP site
  • To develop a broader governance structure for the HHP as the Precinct projects expand
  • To development key learnership/mentoring programmes within the HHP objectives with academic partners
Actual Results
  • Continued training of thousands of healthcare specialists and clinicians in HIV Management
  • Assisting people living with HIV and AIDS to access wellness services, thereby reducing isolation, stigma and despair through an ongoing programme schedule of counselling, training, workshops, seminars and computer based learnings
  • Strengthened civil society sector more able to respond to the needs of people living with HIV and AIDS in a coordinated and effective manner through a continuous programme of workshops, seminars, meetings, information distribution and joint activities.
  • Improved referral systems within the sector with the development of a sector directory for referrals
  • Establish a cyber café and resource centre to upscale level of IT skills within the community, promote computer based learnings and information research for public use
Additional Outputs
  • Completion of the Esselen Street site development
  • Completion of the Research & Training Centre
  • Productivity of the HHP Executive Committee
  • Completion of an MOU between the Health Precinct partners (City of Johannesburg, Gauteng Province, RHRU & Wits)
  • Co-ordination and secretariat duties to ensure monthly Exco meetings take place since September 2003, including the production of minutes and a range of reports and business case documents.
  • Project management to ensure actions are completed, including regular meetings with the JDA
  • The development of fund raising proposals and exploratory meetings with numerous corporates and donor organisations
  • The production of two business plans (the second with the support of the JDA)
  • The production of project literature, including marketing folders, leaflets and posters.
  • The production of project planning information, including log frames, gannt charts, operational plans and results frameworks.
  • The organisation and running of strategic planning meetings and workshops.
  • The organisation and hosting of key visits and meetings including, MEC visits, VIP visits, meetings with high level health, university and other officials.
  • Commission, direction and payment of consultants to perform spatial assessments, briefings and costings.
Future plans
  • To develop an inner city NGO/CBO hub, where clients can access any/all of the services they need within one physical location.
  • Extension of service hours (into the evening, and Saturdays).
  • To utilise the wellness centre as an outreach point for wellness and prevention education into the inner city.
  • Revise the 2004 business plan for the HHP, with inclusion of the media plan, fundraising & sustainability plan, public/private partnership plan and the marketing plan.
  • Review the MOU to realign with the ongoing strategic vision of the HHP.
  • Marketing and profiling of the HHP and its service delivery activities.
  • Health service symposiums – Sexual & Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, Research & Training interventions.
  • Implementation of a monitoring and evaluation process on the HHP service delivery activities.
  • Develop the NGO & Community service activities through the key community engagement partners – CARE and ECHO.
  • High profile launch of the Hugh Solomon Building project in first quarter 2007.
  • Implementation of a range of fundraising and sponsorship activities to ensure long term sustainability of the HHP.
  • Further development of the governance structure for the HHP – Exco Committee and a range of sub-committees or working groups to provide ongoing support, review of service projects and compliance of the HHP objectives.
  • Development & project planning of future buildings within the HHP.
  • Evaluation of the impact of the urban regeneration in Hillbrow, including the socio-economic investment secured as a result of the plan.
  • Review and agree the opportunities presented via the 2010 World Cup.

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