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RHRU is a WHO collaborating centre

STI's and HIV Research

The STI/HIV Research Cluster’s objective is to develop clinical and non-clinical interventions for the prevention and treatment of STIs and HIV, and to deliver them to the communities that most need them.

To achieve this, the STI and HIV research team focus on evaluating the effectiveness of new or innovative strategies, (be they new treatments or new approaches using existing treatments), to prevent the acquisition, transmission or progression of HIV and other STIs.

STI's & HIV Research

Currently projects are undertaken in four specific areas of investigation

  • Microbicides
  • Treatment for Genital Herpes to Prevent HIV Transmission
  • Interventions to Increase Access and Use of Services by Higher Risk
  • Mobile Populations Interventions for Persons Newly Infected with HIV.
These activities are supported by a strong social medicine programme focusing on the social life and context of participants in the trials, as well as the communities where these participants are from.

The team consists of over 90 people, working from clinical trial sites in Soweto, Orange Farm, Yeoville and inner city Johannesburg, who are involved in the implementation of 8 community-based randomised controlled trials.

All these activities combine in a bid to find alternative ways of reducing new HIV infections.

For enquiries specific to the STI's and HIV Research Cluster, please email [email protected]

Projects in the STI's & HIV Research Cluster:

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