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Project Focus
HIV management, Treatment and Care

Project Location


Duration of Project

Ongoing since 2004

Project Partners
KZN Provincial Department of Health

Project Donors

Dr Arthi Ramkissoon (Director)

Project Aim/ Objective
To support the roll out of the ARV programme in the KwaZulu-Natal Province to ensure the provision of quality HIV care to as many people as possible.

Project Activities
The RHRU ART support team provide technical support to three ART hospital sites (Addington Hospital, RK Khan Hospital, & Prince Mshiyeni Hospital), Addington Polyclinic, feeder clinics and an HIV Care facility (The Dream Centre.). Support includes in service training and mentoring, provision of human resources (doctors, nurses, counsellor, pharmacist), system strengthening, equipment, supplies and health education posters and pamphlets to these sites.

Referral Project

In an attempt to accommodate the increasing numbers of patients requiring ART at RHRU/PEPFAR supported hospitals; and limited human resource capacity, RHRU has developed a plan for the scaling up of the ARV program. This is being implemented at primary care level, through a move to nurse- based ARV services instead of the current doctor driven plan.

Antiretroviral Training
Training for health providers include, palliative care, ART, contraception and HIV, Contraception and Barrier Methods
Monitoring and evaluation of the work undertaken at sites also undertaken continuously including data management for quality and validity.

Distribution of IEC
Different IEC material (posters & leaflets) has been developed for the DoH facilities and these cover ARVs, adherence counseling, male and female condoms, VCT etc.

Anticipated/Actual Results
  • Improved service delivery at sites including shorter waiting times, larger quantities of patients being seen and better information systems.
  • Development of a down and up referral model, with patients being down referred to clinics closer to their homes.
  • Regular staff training and capacity building
  • Regular Quality Improvement meetings held involving DoH and RHRU staff
  • Development of best practice guides and process flow materials to aid effective service provision
  • Ongoing provision of technical assistance to government policy makers in HIV care and treatment.
Additional Outputs
  • Various meetings are held with the different stakeholders on ARTs and the down and up referral process
  • Posters and presentations have also been presented in conferences
Future Plans
  • Expansion of the support service in existing sites and new one.
  • Strengthen the up and down referral project and roll out to more sub-districts.
  • Conduct an internal review of all sites supported

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