RHRU Visiting Scholars Programme 
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The Johannesburg HIV Management Cluster of RHRU has many opportunities for visiting students, fellows, and researchers from all disciplines. We work in more than twenty clinics in two provinces and serve more than ten thousand patients living with HIV.

Research topics and areas include:

Operations research
Maternal health
Monitoring and evaluation
Attitudes to fertility
TB and HIV
Male circumcision
Cryptococcal meningitis and HIV
Health care worker health and attitudes
Religion and faith among HIV patients
Libido changes during ARV treatment
Neo-natal circumcision
Health care worker training evaluation
Clinic standards
Quality of care
Sex workers
Successful long term ARV patients
Counseling and Testing

To apply, please fill out the application form and send it along with your CV and a motivation (cover) letter to [email protected]

The minimum length of stay we will consider for a visitor is 2 months. Those who can stay longer will receive preference.