Mobile Clinic Support Team (MCST) 
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Project Focus
HIV Care and Treatment

Project Location
North West Province

Duration of Project
Ongoing since September 2004

Project Partners

North West Provincial Department of Health

Project Donors

Dr Malebo Maponyane, MCST Deputy Director

Project Aim/ Objective
To ensure the provision of quality HIV care, including ARV treatment, to as many people as possible in the North West Province.

Project Activities
The Mobile Clinical Support Teams provide technical assistance, on site support, formal and informal training and capacity building, and the revision of service delivery models, or the development of new models as required.

The team conduct HIV problem based management training amongst site personnel and assess site competence in administering ARV’s, addressing gaps where these are identified. In consultation with Department of Health staff, the MCST identify, develop and make available appropriate educational materials and provide technical assistance to the Department relating to monitoring and evaluation activities and data collection tools. The team also provide feedback on the programme to the Provincial Department of Health, for the purposes of reviewing progress and future planning. In addition, they provide advice to local, provincial and national Departments of Health on all aspects of HIV policy. An ongoing amin of the project is to monitor and evaluate all interventions in order to disseminate best practice models for replication where appropriate.

Anticipated/Actual Results

  • Improved service delivery at sites including shorter waiting times, larger quantities of patients being seen and better information systems.
  • Development of a down and up referral model, with patients being down referred to clinics closer to their homes.
  • Regular staff training and capacity building
  • Regular Quality Improvement meetings held involving DoH and RHRU staff
  • Development of best practice guides and process flow materials to aid effective service provision
  • Ongoing provision of technical assistance to government policy makers in HIV care and treatment.

Additional Outputs

  • One day seminar on Down Referral Challenges. A document describing the meeting will be available shortly.
  • Production of Analysis Report & Recommendations from Tshepong Complex File Review

Future Plans

  • Expansion of the support service into new sites.
  • File Reviews of all sites supported

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