Organisational Structure 
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The RHRU's core business is in Sexual & Reproductive Health and HIV. The impact of the HIV Management, Treatment & Care and Support programmes, together with the Research and Training projects remain at a very high standard, and are operated within a monitoring and evaluation process for the measurement of the impact.

RHRU operate within an organisational development approach and the projects within the programmes remain relevant to the core business of the organisation.   All the Scientists, Clinicians, specialists and technicians within the unit have a solid range of business development support which enables them to receive strategic direction, organisational development support and a focused approach to the projects.

The organisational structure of the RHRU is noted in the organogram chart following:

  • The National Executive and National Office provide an essential strategic direction to the programme development of the unit.
  • The Development Directors & Technical Directors are the key drivers of the programme clusters and Regional Office, supported by the National Office.
  • The Central Support Services and Wits Health Consortium provide the necessary service support to the projects and the project teams.