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RHRU is a WHO collaborating centre

Contraceptive Research Planning Survey : Comparison of DEPO-PROVERA and IUD Pilot Study

Project Focus
HIV/AIDS; STIs, Contraception; Female Controlled Methods

Project Location
Hillbrow, Johannesburg & Commercial City, Durban, South Africa

Duration of Project
2006, 2 months

Project Partners
Family Health International (FHI)

Project Donors
Family Health International (FHI)

Mags Beksinska, Dr Sinead Delany, Dr Nonkululeko Mlaba, Dr Jenni Smit and Dr Claire von Mollendorf

Project Aims /Objectives
The purpose of this pilot study is to estimate the feasibility of enrolling w a future randomised controlled trial to determine whether injectable contraception increases the risk of STI acquisition at the Johannesburg and Durban RHRU sites. During the pilot study, we aim to evaluate the informed consent form, to determine women's willingness to be randomised in a future trial, to estimate STI prevalence among women who might participate in the actual trial; and to determine appropriate compensation for the trial.

Project Activities
The exercise will be conducted over 2 months, during which a maximum of 200 "acceptors" (that is, women who say that they would be willing to enroll in the real trial), at each site will be interviewed regarding the acceptability of proposed trial procedures.

Anticipated/Actual Results
To establish acceptability of conducting a trial comparing DEPO-PROVERA and IUD in these populations.

Additional Outputs
Referral of high risk women for screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs);

  • Contribution to protocol development;
  • University of Witwatersrand Human Research Ethics Committee approvals.
Future Plans
To complete pilot study and, depending on the outcome, to prepare to conduct a trial to determine whether injectable contraceptives do or do not increase a woman's risk of becoming infected with an STI.

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