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RHRU is a WHO collaborating centre

Values Clarification for Health Care workers in KwaZulu Natal

Project Focus
Improving the effect of personal values on provision of health care

Project Location
KZN Province

Duration of Project

Project Partners
PDoH and Local Authorities

Project Donors
PDoH through Global Fund

Contact Details
Busi Kunene

Project Aim/ Objectives

The study aim is to develop and implement a values clarification programme that will give health care providers a chance to examine their attitudes and change those attitudes that are hindering the service progress and revive professionalism among the health workers
  1. Assess values and beliefs of health providers towards HIV/AIDS positive clients.
  2. Assess attitudes towards provision of VCT/PMTCT/STI services to the clients
  3. Explore the needs of the VCT/PMTCT/STI clients from both provider and client perspectives.
  4. Explore concerns of health providers regarding theprovision of VCT/PMTCT/STI
  5. Identify knowledge of the programme among thehealth providers.
  6. Allow health providers to reflect on their practices/ behavior towards clients particularly.

Project Activities
This study is implemented in KZN and has five phases:
  • phase one - the planning phase including visits to sites for buy in and introduction of the study
  • phase two- situational analysis to inform the values clarification training and manual development
  • phase three - training manual development
  • phase four- the actual implementation of the training
  • phase five- involves the evaluation of the impact of the training
Anticipated/Actual Results
Actual results:
  • Phase one completed as planned
  • Situational analysis report available in hard copies and contents shared with stakeholders during dissemination workshops and copies distributed as well
  • Training manual developed and printed and utilised during training
  • 3055 health providers include; University, techikon and college lectures, managers, administrators, nurses, general assistants, security guards and lay counsellors.
  • Post evaluation data collection has been conducted. Inventory has been completed in 56 facilities. A total of 171 health care workers and 479 clients have been interviewed. Data entry has been completed.
Additional Outputs
  • Dissemination workshops within the province
  • Presentations in professional meetings in the province
Future Plans
  • Data analysis
  • Report writing

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