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RHRU is a WHO collaborating centre


Project Focus
Post trial acceptability of HIV vaccines

Project Location
Esselen Street clinic, Johannesburg

Duration of Project
6 months from end 2006

Project Partners

Project Donors
NIH (through UCLA CHIPTS programme)

Dr Catherine MacPhail, Senior Researcher

Project Aim/ Objective

To begin to understand issues of future HIV vaccine uptake among young South Africans by using qualitative methods to explore their understanding of HIV vaccines and the concepts used to explain vaccines. The study will also examine the importance of different vaccine characteristics to young South Africans and assess the potential barriers to and motivators of post-trial HIV vaccines uptake. The information generated from the qualitative study will be used to generate a vaccine acceptability instrument that is appropriate for use with South African adolescents. Finally, the project aims to build an international, interdisciplinary team of researchers to collaborate on the crucial intersections of behavioral and biomedical issues in HIV vaccine research.

Project Activities
  • To conduct focus group discussions with South African adolescents recruited from the Esselen Street clinic, Johannesburg
    • To examine understanding of HIV vaccines
    • Document motivators and barriers to future HIV vaccine uptake
    • To establish the ability of young South Africans to understand and participate in conjoint analysis questions about characteristics of hypothetical HIV vaccines
  • To conduct interviews with key informants working in HIV vaccine development in South Africa
Anticipated/Actual Results
Formative information on the acceptability of HIV vaccines among South African adolescents

Additional Outputs
Research publications

Future Plans
We are planning to use the formative information generated by this project to construct a grant proposal to conduct a large-scale community-based survey of acceptability of HIV vaccines. The formative research will make significant contributions to the language and conjoint analysis questions to be considered.

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