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RHRU is a WHO collaborating centre

HIV Training

Project Focus
HIV and AIDS, and associated reproductive realth and TB

Project Location
Across selected provinces as required.

Duration of Project
Ongoing since 2003

Project Partners
City of Johannesburg, NGO’s, Departments of Health

Project Donors

Contact Details
A J Edge, Senior Project Co-ordinator HIV Training
Claire Mooideen, Senior Project Co-ordinator SRH Training

Project Aim/ Objectives
Training activities in the HIV Management Division support the overall goal of building public health sector capacity to provide quality HIV care for all. These activities go hand in hand with on site support and mentoring.

Project Activities
The training teams work closely with the Department of Health, City of Johannesburg, NGO’s, and other RHRU colleagues working in facilities to identify the learning needs of health care workers and students. The team then develop, co-ordinate and evaluate a variety of trainings for all categories of health care workers including doctors, nurses, medical students, post graduate students, traditional healers and community health care workers. In addition, the team mentor students and provide on site teaching and site visits, and some clinical service where necessary.

Actual Results
  • 2,700 CoJ staff trained in a variety of topics including HIV, ARV’s Counselling, STI’s, home based care, TB, VCT and Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  • 980 NGO staff trained in HIV and ARV’s
  • 4,000 Gauteng Department of Health staff trained in a variety of topics including HIV, ARV’s STI’s, GBV, Sexual Assault Care, Termination of Pregnancy, Information systems in ARV’s.
  • 1,300 students trained, supervised and mentored, including clinical placements of medical students, student nurses, dentists, pharmacists, and MPH students.
Additional Outputs
Development of various training courses and materials including:
  • HIV Management Diploma for Doctors
  • HIV Management Course for Nurses
  • Traditional Healers Training
  • Short Course in ARV’s
  • VCT & Gender Based Violence Training
  • HIV Counseling
Future Plans
Continuation of a full programme of training as described above
  • Piloting a training for ARV clinic managers
  • Continuation of separate HIV Management courses for nurses and doctors
  • Continuation trainings and support sessions as requested by DoH/CoJ.
  • The launching of a formal, structured “apprenticeship” training scheme for young doctors to build South African clinical HIV capacity – 6 to be trained in 2007.

Projects in the HIV Management Cluster:

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