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Assessing Preference for 3 Female Condoms: A Comparative Evaluation of the PATH Women’s Condom, FC2 and the Reddy 6

Project Focus
Female condom preference

Project Location

Durban Metropolitan Area Family Planning Clinic

Duration of Project

2006 ongoing

Project Partners

Project Donors
PP Programme for Appropriate Technology for in Health

Contact Details

Mags Beksinska

Project Aim/ Objectives

The purpose of this study is to determine the preferred/best candidate female condom (FC) among the PATH Women’s Condom (WC), FC2, and the Reddy 6 (120 mm) models.
  1. To gather function/performance/acceptability/safety data on each of the FC types.
  2. To gather information on simultaneous male condom use and determine reasons for use/non-use of FCs.
Project Activities
This is a randomized acceptability, function and product preference study of three FC types. The target population will be 180 urban, sexually-active, HIV negative women who are either novice or experienced users of FCs. Recruitment will be from Commercial City Family Planning Clinic Durban.
Part 1:
180 women will use 5 each of the 3 FCs. Function, acceptability and preference will be assessed. 150 women are expected to complete this part of the study.
Part 2:
130 women are expected to continue to participate in a ‘simulated market’ to determine an unbiased, ‘unstated’ preference for the three FC types. Information will support data obtained in Part 1.
Part 3:
36 women will participate in this qualitative research arm to examine and support reasons for preferences selected in Parts 1 and 2 and to document reasons for use/non-use of the FCs.

Anticipated/Actual Results
  • Protocol is currently being finalized and forms are being prepared. The budget has been approved and the ethics application will be submitted in August.

Additional Outputs
  • None yet

Future Plans

  • The study will commence in the last quarter of 2006.

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